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Resilience is not an activity itself, but is built as a result of many

Our service offering

Whether you are looking for management support for your organisation's approach to building resilience; aspiring to achieve certification to ISO 22301; advice on developing, implementing and managing your business continuity programme; or supporting and developing or recruiting your own business continuity and resilience team, Logical Resilience can provide the right support for your organisation.

Our services are based on over 20 years of experience in delivering quality business continuity and resilience programmes in the corporate environment, IT and operational auditing for major organisations, and a background in the provision of IT operations.

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Interim  management, strategy development, BCaaS, Operational Resilience, etc


ISO 22301 BCMS, BC programme, incident response, exercising, software, etc  


ISO 22301, BC programme, wider resilience reviews and gap analysis, etc


Coaching and mentoring, BC training, development workshops, recruiting your team, etc

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